Who are FORMA Football?

FORMA FOOTBALL is a company operating in London and Amsterdam that is specialised in designing financial solutions for the European football industry based on complex statistical data analysis. Over the last few years Forma Football has been developing an advanced and userfriendly online valuation system for football players. A cunning product based on unique statistical data gathered for players from European clubs. FORMA FOOTBALL also provides bespoke reports while maintaining the confidentiality of the results for the client.

FORMA FOOTBALL is a company providing intelligent objective player valuations using players’ game by game performance statistics and players’ physical characteristics. Our online valuation platform can be used to determine

the financial fair value of a player under the set-up of a club operating in major leagues in European football. The system can be used when considering transferring a new player, selling a player or renewing the contract of a player.

The proprietary FORMA FOOTBALL model is scientifically based, it is invented by one of the most recognised scientists in the area of statistical modelling for football players. Our FORMA FOOTBALL valuation engine can be used by finance executives, managers, accounting professionals, auditors, agents, or shareholders, interested in an independent and automatic valuation based on comparative performance of football players.