Official data supplier

ORTEC Sports develops decision and information generating systems to analyse effectivity in sports. Their systems are used during matches to measure the effectivity of players and teams. Every action of players and teams are linked to video and get an objective score.

Board of Advice

Forma Football developes independent products and services that meet the highest quality standards. We believe that only topnotch services should be provided to our clients. In order to do so we have installed a board of advice. The board assists Forma Football’s management by providing advice on day-to-day affairs and policies pursued by management, for instance regarding strategy and risks associated with the activities in order to obtain Forma Football’s objectives. The Board of Advice currently consists of two members which have an impressive track record in their field or expertise.

Prof. dr. B.M.S. (Bernard) van Praag
Professor Van Praag is Emeritus University Professor in ‘applied economic research’ at the University of Amsterdam. He has published numerous articles in international journals. In addition to his professorship he was amongst others the managing director of SEO Economic Research and has been a member of the (Dutch) Scientific Council for Government Policy.

P.J.C.A. (Paulus) Karskens, MsC
In his role as President of the International Division of IGT for ten years Mr Karskens has been responsible for IGT’s subsidiaries outside the United States. 
Mr Karskens also held various management positions in several computer system related companies in Europe for over 20 years. Mr Karskens holds a Master of Science in Economics from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.